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Doctoral Study (Ph.D.)

  • Get your doctoral degree from the most prestigious Czech university

Charles University was founded in 1348 and is the oldest university in Central Europe. The Faculty of Medicine in Hradec Králové came into existence in 1945 and is the oldest university in the East-Bohemian Region. The quality of its study and graduates is renowned, and a doctoral degree awarded at Charles University opens the door to the society of scientists and researchers all over the world.

  • Choose your program from a varied range of 22 doctoral study programs (DSP)

The Faculty of Medicine in Hradec Králové offers a unique form of graduate doctoral study program in which theoretical, pre-clinical, and clinical fields of medicine interlink, while also working on the innumerable diagnostic and therapeutic questions of modern-day medicine via the implementation of translational research. Our faculty admits all undergraduates from faculties of medicine or natural science, pharmaceutical faculties as well as undergraduates from other universities specialized in biomedicine. Our doctoral program has been significantly innovated thanks to the INODOK project. The new and recently accredited format of the project will begin in the academic year 2020/2021.

  • Choose either a full-time or distance form of study according to your needs and possibilities

Whatever your priority is, either to devote all your time to your doctoral studies or to study while maintaining a regular job, the choice is up to you. If the chosen form does not fit your needs any more, you can change it or suspend your studies and continue according to your possibilities. At the beginning of the PhD program you determine, together with your tutor, your individual study plan. Many of the mandatory as well as elective courses run not only in labs or in clinical workplaces but also as e-learning courses. An Individual approach from your tutor is a matter-of-course.

  • Choose your own topic for your PhD thesis

Offered topics for dissertations are based on the long-term practice and experience of our research teams. This ensures a high quality of results in individual research projects, and at the same time increases the probability of the successful finishing of the PhD program. Nevertheless, the students themselves can also bring in their own suggestions for research topics.

  • Become a part of the research team and develop versatilely

You will become a part of a research team and the whole society of researchers and scientists working in our faculty of medicine. You will meet interesting people including colleagues from abroad. Your tutor will be your guide in the fascinating world of science, providing knowledge of advanced research methods and their valuable experience. Your talent will be developing not only in your own medical field but also in social, managerial and language skills. One of the new possibilities regarding your personal and scientific development is the offer of practical courses in advanced experimental and clinical research methods. You can make your own choice according to your personal preferences and what you need to realize your project.  

  • Enjoy highly equipped experimental and clinical facilities as well as strong partners
    The Faculty of Medicine in Hradec Králové has received grant financial support of over CZK 200 million for the realization of INODOK and CORE FACILITIES projects. Their aim is to introduce new teaching methods and to acquire top equipment for clinical and laboratory workplaces with a quality comparable to the equipment of prestigious institutions abroad. Our faculty has joint workplaces with the University Hospital in Hradec Králové, which has traditionally been at the forefront in the national quality assessment of our hospitals as well as being an important research institution. Other potential strong research partners are Charles University - Faculty of Pharmacy, University of Defense - Faculty of Military Health Sciences, and University of Hradec Králové. We can also be proud of our long-term cooperation with Mayo Clinic in Rochester, USA, where our students participate in scientific placements every year. Our contacts with European universities in Maastricht, Oxford, Hull, Leuven, Zurich, Heidelberg, Vienna, etc. offer similar possibilities.
  • Use socio-economic opportunities and study conditions

The scholarship for full-time students is CZK 11,000 per month in the first year. This basic amount can be increased through successful study results, obtaining grants, and other activities to CZK 25-30,000 monthly. PhD. students can use the services of the medical library, boarding, Office 365 license for personal use, support for their own housing, significant financial support for all placements as well as free parking. Enjoy the benefits of student life while working on your personal independence, developing your talents and career!

  • Take advantage of the offered international internships and conferences

As PhD. students, you will have the opportunity as well as the obligation to participate in research placements related to the realization of your research project abroad. You will also participate in favorable congresses and conferences.

  • Study in Hradec Králové

Hradec Králové is a modern Czech town with the highest quality of life. You will find there very favorable conditions for studying, which are created by the layout of the city, its civic and technical facilities as well as short journeys to the workplace saving a lot of time. In the information videos, you can see how the students of our faculty live.

  • Make the decision to begin doctoral studies today for a career in medicine and research tomorrow
    Successful completion of your doctoral degree guarantees you a Ph.D title. During your studies, you can apply for a teaching or scientific job, or you can continue further in your academic career as a researcher and a university teacher and achieve the title of associate professor or professor of Charles University. You have the opportunity to become members of professional Czech as well as international prestigious companies or to build a professional career in health care.