Ticha, Zuzana
Poslední změna: 17.01. 2022

Admission Process

Basic Information

  • Students who have completed secondary school education are considered eligible for medical degree study programs in General Medicine (6 years) - those, who could be admitted on the basis of the provided secondary school documents to the same study program in their home countries.
  • Prospective students are requested to fill in (fully) our application form and to provide us with the specified enclosure.The deadline for submission of applications is 30.4.2022.

    Charge for each application is to be paid to the account number: IBAN CZ 6103000000000212654030, SWIFT CEKOCZPP, use No. of electronic application as a reference number, specific symbol is 83008. (Bank: CSOB, a.s., Ulrichovo nám. 734, 500 02 Hradec Králové:
    charge for on-line application: 820,- CZK

  • Applicants outside the Czech Republic may also contact our co-operating agencies.
  • Entrance examination (held in English) is based on written testing (multiple choice) of the applicant´s knowledge of basic science in
– Basic human anatomy and physiology
– Biology
– Chemistry
– Physics