Ticha, Zuzana
Poslední změna: 04.10. 2021

Application Form

To consider you as an applicant to our Faculty of Medicine in Hradec Kralove you have to provide us with these needed documents:


  • On-line Application form from the Study Information System (SIS).
  • Charge for the admission procedure is to be paid to the account number: IBAN CZ 6103000000000212654030, SWIFT CEKOCZPP, use No. of electronic application as a reference number, specific symbol is 83008. (Bank: CSOB, a.s., Ulrichovo nám. 734, 500 02 Hradec Králové)
  • You can use services of Western Union Global Pay for Students - for more information click here
  • Charge for on-line application: 820,- CZK
  • Please attach the copy of your passport to the application form during submitting the application.