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Terms of the Entrance Examination in 2021

Deadlines and Instructions.

Entrance examination held in the Czech Republic


20. 05. 2021


The form of the entrance exam will be specified in time based on the current situation via e-mail.
Application deadline 30. 04. 2021 
Only the applicants with submitted and fully paid application can participate in the entrance exam


Note for those who need visa

Coming from a country outside EU you have a visa duty, therefore, you have to count with some extra time for the visa arrangements, postage, etc.

Entrance examination held abroad

  • Terms
    Terms are continuously added to the list after an agreement with the agencies.
  • Booking the term abroad
      For booking the term abroad, please do contact the particular agencies directly.
  • Deadline
    On-line applications (from our web page) must be completed and paid at least one week before every entrance examination term the applicant wishes to attend. Applications have to be submitted and fully paid by 30. 4. 2021 even for examination terms after this date.
  • Details about the entrance examination are available under entrance procedure information.


See List of the Agencies.



Held in

Organised by

10.4.2021 Malvern,UK Abbey College
10.4.2021 London, UK Medical Doorway
19.4.2021 Tokyo, Japan Foundation of Czech Medical Universities
  Dublin, Ireland DIFC
22.4.2021 Dubai, UAE Gyanberry Education & Training
25.4.2021 Mumbai, India Gyanberry Education & Training
25.4.2021 Taipei, Taiwan HSING
  New Delhi, India Gyanberry Education & Training
8.5.2021 Dubai, UAE Qadri International
17.4.2021 Hannover, Germany Medizin-Studium-Ausland
  Madrid, Spain Medizin-Studium-Ausland
  Poděbrady, Czech Republic UJOP
27.5.2021 Hong Kong, China Medical Doorway
  Sao Paulo, Brazil Medical Doorway
  Bangkok,Thailand MEDCOACH  
19.6.2021 Taipei, Taiwan Ivy International Consulting
27.6.2021 Limassol, Cyprus Mrs. Areti Gregoriou
  Hamburg, Germany Finde Academic
25.6.2021 London, UK Medical Doorway
  Thessaloniki, Greece TOMI FOUNDATION SRO
  Kuwait, Kuwait Mrs. Parvin Mirza
  Prague, Czech Republic Abbey College
  Frankfurt am Main, Germany College Contact GmbH
  Athens, Greece CMS Agency