Ticha, Zuzana
Poslední změna: 04.10. 2021

Entrance Procedure

Information about the entrance procedure for the academic year 2022/2023 for General Medicine study program in the English language.

Basic Condition

Entrance procedure (based on on-line application)

  • is obligatory
  • held in English
  • Only application fee of 820,- CZK, entrance exam free of charge!
  • Entrance Examination is held in Hradec Králové and in some countries abroad - see the destinations available
    (if the examination is not organised for you by our co-operating agencies in your country, you have to come to our Faculty to Hradec Králové)
  • there is only one attempt for the admission allowed in one academic year


Total number of students for the enrolment

  • 105 for General Medicine
  •  25 for Dentistry (Dentistry study program will not open for the academic year 2022/2023)

Conditions for the Entrance Examination

  • Written testing of the applicant´s knowledge of basic science in
– Basic human anatomy and physiology (including basic Latin terminology)
– Biology
– Chemistry
– Physics

  • evaluation: multiple-choice test 80 points (basic human anatomy and physiology - 20 points, biology - 20 points, chemistry - 20 points, physics - 20 points)
  • point evaluation: 
                 correct answer + 1 point
                 no answer 0 points
                 incorrect answer - 0,25 point
  • IT IS NOT ALLOWED to use any dictionary or tables
  • ONLY A CALCULATOR and A PASSPORT (ID) are needed


  • For the standard entrance examination period (May - June 2022)
  • You will be informed when the results will be provided to you on the day of the Entrance Examination. The results will be provided via e-mail.
  • Then Official letters will be issued and posted to applicants or to the co-operating agencies


  • For standard Entrance Examination terms, all admitted applicants have to do the following within 14 days after the results are announced:
  • make a decision whether to take the admission or not
  • if yes, to secure their place by
    confirmation of interest to study by a particular notice


It is possible to study the medical degree study programs also in the Czech language for which a separate entrance procedure exists.