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Students from Third Countries



Applies to the countries with a visa duty only.

This does not apply to applicants from countries that do not have a visa duty with the Czech Republic!!!


The easiest way how to obtain a visa for coming to the Czech Republic to sit for the entrance examination is to apply for tourist visa only with a minimum number of entries required.


You have to apply for a visa at the relevant Czech Embassy/Consulate in your home country. Theoretically, you can apply at any Czech Consulate but there are limitations - please contact the relevant Consulate for details - especially if you come from a country where no Czech Embassy/Consulate exists.

Required essentials for short-term visa

  1. A Health Insurance Certificate to cover the period of stay in the Czech Republic and the proof of payment. This Insurance Certificate has to be arranged for with some health insurance companies in the Czech Republic.

    At the moment this does not apply to applicants from the U.K., Greece, Cyprus, Iraq (health care is covered by bilateral agreements between the CR and those countries).

  2. Funds to cover your stay in the Czech Republic and a document providing that accommodation has been arranged for your stay. Please consult the required amount with the Czech Embassy/Consulate.

  3. A sum in cash equivalent to the cost of leaving the Czech Republic for a country of the passport you hold or your permanent residence with a flight carrier (called "Deposit") - may be required. Please contact the Czech Embassy/Consulate for advise.

  4. A travel document

  5. Photographs (3)

The Consulate should issue the visa in a form of a sticker placed in your passport within 14 to 30 days.


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