Poslední změna: 13.02. 2020

Securing of place and confirmation of study

Dear student, because of our limited capacity your place in the first year of study at our Charles University - Faculty of Medicine in Hradec Králové will be guaranteed only upon specific conditions (sent via email to you).

Necessary requirement

Fill in the CONFIRMATION form (do not forget to cross out the innapropriate study program) and send it to us as soon as possible to students@lfhk.cuni.cz

By signing the confirmation form you acknowledge that you will fulfil the conditions for enrolment (completion of secondary school education entitling you to study at university) and come to Hradec Kralove to enroll into study on the date stated in the form.

Please note

Should you decide not to take up your place at our Faculty, please notify us about your decision as well at the earliest convenience.