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TEXTBOOKS for 1st year

  • Please count with a deposit payment for borrowing the books from the medical library. The deposit of 10.000,- CZK is refunded when the textbooks are returned to the library and no others are required or after completion of the first year of your studies.
  • There is also an increasing number of electronic textbooks provided to students free of charge, when they are connected to the Faculty intranet.                                               
  • Nevertheless, it is highly recommended that you build up your own professional library.                                                                                                                                                             
  • All of the textbooks should be available from the Czech Republic (you may see the bookseller Mega Books Int. (Prague)  or click directly here Oxford Bookshop Hradec Králové, therefore, you do not need to buy them in your country.

    You will find a list of literature for each subject in the Student Information System
    (SIS > Subjects > View by plans > Faculty of Medicine in Hradec Kralove > General Medicine//Dentistry > click on each subject and scroll down to Literature (Compulsory literature/Recommend literature)