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Students from European Union

Residence of students from the European Union and EFTA (Island, Liechtenstein, Norway, Switzerland) in the territory of the Czech Republic.


As a member of the EU, you are not required to obtain any kind of visa to be able to come and do the entrance examination.

After your arrival to the Czech Republic you or your hotel/hostel provider must register you at the local foreign police in Hradec Králové within 3 working days. This is absolutely necessary!


You are entitled (but not obliged) to apply for and to obtain a “resident alien permit”.

  • You might need this permit in some particular cases (registration of a car in the Czech Republic, driving licence, ...).
  • You apply for this permit at the local foreign police – the requirements are provided below.
  • The permit is not time limited.
  • Should you move to another accommodation in Hradec Králové (or elsewhere), it is your duty to report your new address to the foreign police.
  • Changes (including the change of the accommodation) are free of charge.

Required documents

For the “resident alien permit” the following documents must be submitted:

  1. You will have to fill in an application for a short term residence (violet colour)


  1. Document confirming purpose of your stay (study confirmation from the study department)


  1. Health Insurance Certificate – even though all health insurances valid within EU should be recognized, you should check with your insurance company whether this concerns your particular insurance as well. If necessary, you should also take an additional insurance covering hospital care. (In case of not being health insured from your country, there is a possibility to get health insurance in the Czech Republic


  1. Accommodation Acknowledgement – every change of your accommodation has to be proved


  1. Passport (or ID you use for travelling)


  1. 2 photographs bearing your current appearance (accoding to the Czech regulations)