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Students from Third Countries


Concerns residence of students from outside the EU and EFTA in the Czech Republic.


Please make sure that you apply for the long-term residence permit (application for visa also exists but we highly recommend the long-term residence).


Items required to be attached to an application for the residence permit shall not be older than 180 days with the exception of your travel document.


You have to apply for the residence permit at the relevant Czech Embassy/Consulate in your home country. Theoretically, you can apply at any Czech Consulate but there are limitations - please contact the relevant Consulate for details (especially if you come from a country where no Czech Embassy/Consulate exists).

Necessary documents

  1. The application form is available only at the Consulates and cannot be copied. You have to visit the Consulate and complete the form there with the help of their personnel.

  2. A Health Insurance Certificate to cover a particular period of stay in the Czech Republic and the proof of payment. This Insurance Certificate has to be arranged with some health insurance company in the Czech Republic.
  3. Funds to cover your stay - please contact the Czech Embassy/Consulate on the required amount
    1. an internationally recognised credit card to certify that funds are available and can be withdrawn in the Czech Republic.
    2. a bank account statement in your name confirming that you are free to use funds in the required amount.

  4. A travel document - the validity period of your passport must exceed the period of stay in the Czech Republic at least by 3 months; at some places (Africa, Asia) it must exceed the stay by 5 months.

  5. A document confirming the purpose of your stay in the Czech Republic - supplied by our students office - document written mostly in Czech language headed "POTVRZENÍ O STUDIU” (recommendation for long-term residence permit).

  6. A document confirming the guaranteed accommodation - also supplied by our students office - document written mostly in Czech language headed “POTVRZENÍ”.

  7. Photographs (3) - must show your current look.


System of the procedure

  • Your documents will be sent to the Immigration Police in the Czech Republic. The application will be processed here.
  • The entire procedure will take several weeks and when completed you will have to visit the Consulate a second time with your passport to get the permit to come to the Czech Republic (it is not possible to pick it up in the Czech Republic, and no exceptions can be made).
  • The residence permit provided by the Embassy is just "provisional" and allows you to enter the Czech Republic and stay here for three days only. The "proper" residence permit (including also the specification of your place of stay in Hradec Králové) will be issued by the local foreign police authorities upon your arrival.



What you have to do after your arrival to the Czech Republic?

Registration with the local foreign police

After your arrival to the Czech Republic you MUST personally register with the local foreign police authorities in Hradec Králové within 3 working days!!! This is absolutely necessary.


Local Foreign Police office address

Ministerstvo vnitra ČR, Odbor azylové a migrační politiky
Regionální oddělení pobytu cizinců Hradec Králové
Ulrichovo náměstí 810
Hradec Králové 2

Directions: take bus No. 2 or 6, get off at bus stop "Ulrichovo náměstí" (2nd stop from the bus stop "Magistrát města").


Working hours

Monday, Wednesday: 08.00 a.m. - 05.00 p.m.

Tuesday, Thursday: 08.00 a.m. - 11.30 a.m.


Necessary documents for the registration

  • Your passport.
  • "Hraniční průvodka" = crossing border pass (small white document for crossing the border).
  • One photograph (up to date bearing your current appearance and according to Czech regulations).
  •  Registration fee is paid by "kolek" (a kind of stamp) in value of 2,500.- CZK (available from any post office)


After the visa extension you obtain a Biometric data card and you will obtain a new card with any other extension. Should you lose the Biometric data card you will be charged 4.000,- CZK. Should you change some personal data you will pay 1.000,- CZK.

You are adviced to have someone speaking Czech with you (at least for this first visit). 


Please note that this initial residence permit is valid for one year, when applying for its extension, you may apply for two years.

Information for the visa extension