Juranova, Iveta
Poslední změna: 09.04. 2021

75. Anniversary of our Medical Library - QUIZ

Our Medical Library is celebrating its 75th birthday this year 

The Medical Library of the Faculty of Medicine in HK was established together with the founding of the Faculty, but its ceremonial opening did not take place until the following year, specifically on 15 April 1946. So, we are celebrating our 75th birthday this year.


And here we go!
We promised you a QUIZ and today we are finally kicking off.

You can participate from now on TILL WEDNESDAY 14. 4. 12:00.
We will announce the WINNERS on Thursday 15. 4.
None of the questions are compulsory, so you can send the quiz in at any point.
We left you an option to stay ANONYMOUS. So you can also fill it in just for fun without stating your name and contact info, but if you want to be a winner in this one, don't forget to leave us some contact information, so we can get in touch and deliver the prizes.
As for PRIZES, we have a merch package for a few of the best participants (throwing in things like power bank, t-shirt, hoodie,...)
The form also contains space for your FEEDBACK, which is once again voluntary, but it would be great if you could spare a minute or two to share your opinion with us.
Thanks for celebrating with us and good luck!