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75th anniversary of the Medical Library in Hradec Králové

The beginnings of the library after the 2nd vol. war

The Medical Library (ML) is the oldest university library in Hradec Králové. It was established in 1945, ie in parallel with the establishment of the faculty itself, on April 15, 1946, it was ceremoniously opened. This followed the first graduation held at LF HK.


The library was opened as a subsidiary institute of the National and University Library in Prague. Its temporary location was in a meeting room vacated for the faculty by Městská spořitelna. In 1950, the library moved to the building of the former Na Hradě seminary in the historical part of Old Hradec, where it is still located.


The Na Hradě building - a history dating back to the 11th century

The Na Hradě complex of buildings, which today connects to the Municipal Music Hall and the so-called Burgrave's Office, is located in a place that has a rich history. The local Přemyslid castle is documented in Kosma's chronicle as early as 1091. Of the famous people, Eliška Rejčka probably lived here in 1308-1318 and Eliška Pomořanská in 1378-1393. The bishop's seminary was opened in these premises in 1714. The history of the seminary itself ended on July 26, 1950, when the bishop's seminary in HK was abolished on the basis of government regulations. In the same year, the Medical Library moved into these premises.

Since 2007 in newly renovated premises

The beauty of the historic building stood out fully after a complete reconstruction in 2006-2007, when in one year from an ancient but uncomfortable and unsuitable building, it became a sensitively reconstructed one that is admired by all visitors and library users. The building was ceremoniously opened after reconstruction on October 2, 2007. The main operation of the library is located on the 2nd floor, where there are two lending departments, a free selection of books and magazines with individual study places, study rooms and a computer study room, all equipped with necessary equipment and computers and part of the storages and archives equipped with compact shelves. In addition to LK on the 2nd floor, the building also houses the Institute of Languages ​​of the Faculty of Medicine, and on the ground floor there is the Column Hall, used for exhibitions and social events, an auditorium and the building's facilities (cloakroom, reception). The central atrium in the middle of the building adds a unique atmosphere to the building, which is used by visitors for study and relaxation.


Library services

The basic mission of ML is to provide current foreign and domestic information sources and access to them for the workplaces of the Faculty of Medicine and the University Hospital and to provide quality library and information services to all ML users. In addition to printed sources, the priority is to ensure electronic access to the full texts of documents from the computer network of the Faculty of Medicine (or FN) or remotely in accordance with the applicable license conditions. A part of the library fund is a separately allocated study fund, which is primarily intended for students of the Faculty of Medicine HK. The offer of textbooks in English for our foreign students is gradually provided by electronic titles of textbooks.

The library offers lending services (absentee, full-time), search, information and consulting services, interlibrary and international interlibrary loan service, reprographic services, promotional activities, circulation service, provides acquisition and mediation of electronic information resources.

The library provides methodological assistance and cooperates with authorized staff at institutes and clinics in the management of depository libraries within the Faculty of Medicine and the University Hospital. The affiliation of ML with the operation and activities of the faculty is also reflected in the teaching of information literacy and methods of obtaining and using information resources in all study programs at the faculty.

A specific service, which is an essential part of the library's work, is the registration and reporting of the publishing activity of the staff of the Faculty of Medicine and the University Hospital and the provision of documents for internal evaluation and remuneration of staff, or workplaces of the Faculty of Medicine and the University Hospital for publishing activities according to approved rules and for other purposes within the Charles University, individual ministries or the Czech Republic.


ML is part of the network of faculty libraries of Charles University, which together form the Central Library of Charles University. Users can thus take advantage of the unified library software, central catalog, unified registration and library rules throughout the CU. From the rich offer of electronic information sources, a number are obtained under a university-wide license.

Due to its position as a library providing library and information services for the HK University Hospital, ML is also part of the network of medical and medical libraries in the Czech Republic, headed by the National Medical Library in Prague.


The future of ML is connected with the project of the Charles University campus in HK, where all teaching and service workplaces of both faculties of Charles University should relocate. This means that both existing faculty libraries (LF and FaF) will get new premises in which they will offer their services in close cooperation.


We wish the Medical Library many satisfied readers and users in the years to come, who will continue to have access to a selection of quality information sources for their studies and professional activities at the Medical Library.


(If you also want to send a message or a wish to the Medical Library on the occasion of its anniversary, we will be pleased to: knihovna@lfhk.cz)



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