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75th anniversary of the founding of the faculty

The Faculty of Medicine in Hradec Králové commemorates the 75th anniversary of its establishment.

Dean of LF HK prof. Manďák in a morning broadcast of Český rozhlas HK - 25.11.2020
Play music for LF HK students
Autumn anniversary concert of LF HK
Anniversary photo competition of LF HK graduates

Word of the Dean of LF HK:

This year we commemorate the 75th anniversary of the founding of our faculty, the Faculty of Medicine in Hradec Králové.
During the three-quarters of a century, it went through a long, difficult and challenging journey. Initially as a branch of the Prague Medical Faculty, then as a military academy, only to be definitively transformed into an independent medical faculty. Today, it is an integral and solid part of Charles University, with a specific originality and independence, and is one of the modern teaching and scientific institutions with high prestige.
It prepares future graduates in the study programs General Medicine, Dentistry and Nursing in the Czech language and hundreds of foreign students also in the English language. At the same time, it also offers studies in many postgraduate doctoral programs.
Of course, teaching has changed significantly over the years. The possibilities are unprecedented today. Modern teaching methods and programs, sophisticated aids, computer technology and all-connecting the Internet. Of course, the mutual exchange of information cannot even be compared, as well as contacts and cooperation with foreign countries. All this, of course, significantly increases the quality of teaching. However, what remains most important, unchanged since the beginnings of our faculty, is the role of the teacher. His experience, knowledge of the problem, personal approach. Passing on the acquired knowledge from generation to generation is still the most important thing in teaching medicine.
However, teaching is not the only mission of the modern medical faculty. Science and research are an integral part of faculty activities. Research on a wide range of biomedical problems in our country which is carried out at European level. That is a guarantee of the high professional quality of our entire institution.
The faculty started its activities in 1945 in the then almost new building in Šimkova Street, which, after a number of demanding reconstructions and modifications, serves to its full satisfaction even today. It offers modern spaces, optimal for teaching medicine and research. Of course, the study rooms at the University Hospital are also used for teaching. In addition, new complexes were gradually built. Educational Center on the premises of the University Hospital and nearby is a joint campus of the Faculty of Medicine and Pharmacy. Its completion is now one of our most important tasks. After that, other modern spaces will be available, fully compliant the highest standards of teaching and research.
However, our faculty are not just buildings. Our faculty are mainly people who work here and students who study here. Today as well as in the past years. The people who founded it and built it together over the course of three quarters of a century. Many top experts, doctors, scientists and teachers. Many excellent students, excellent graduates. The list of specific names would be very long.
History is binding for all of us, and we are faced with the most challenging task. To maintain the current high level of our faculty, the foundations which were laid down just 75 years ago, and to continue to develop all its roles as best as possible in the coming decades. I believe that we have all the prerequisites and conditions for this. I believe that mainly we have the best people for this.
prof. MUDr. Jiří Manďák, Ph.D.
Dean of the Faculty of Medicine in Hradec Králové

Looking back 75 years...

In May 1945, there were universities in the Czechoslovak Republic in Prague, Brno and Bratislava. The idea of ​​decentralized universities stemmed from the Masaryk-Beneš intention to move closer to the cultural average established in most small European states. The establishment of the Faculty of Medicine in Hradec Králové in 1945 was a logical outcome of the efforts of the city leadership, led by Mayor František Ulrich, who sought to build Hradec Králové into a capital of northeastern Bohemia with a high level of education. The first mentions of the establishment of the University of Hradec Králové appeared as early as the end of the 1920s. After the war, these efforts intensified.
Behind countless activities, meetings and many negotiations, the most important of which was the reception of the Hradec Králové delegation by the President of the Czech Republic Edvard Beneš, were a number of prominent personalities. Let us name in particular professors: Albert Pražák, Bohuslav Bouček and Jan Bělehrádek or associate professors Jan Maršálek, Jan Bedrna and Jaroslav Vavrda, etc. These efforts culminated in the appointment of prof. Bohuslav Bouček as Deputy Dean of the Faculty of Medicine branch in Hradec Králové. Prof. Bouček on September 3, 1945 and thus became the leading organizer and head of the future Hradec Králové Faculty. The first dean of the Faculty of Medicine, HK - prof. Bouček.
The period of building the Faculty of Hradec Králové began. The faculty acquired the building of the former military headquarters in Šimkova Street as its seat. Despite the problems with the handover of the building, personnel and administrative problems, it was possible to announce the enrollment of future students for the study year 1945/46.
The Decree of the President of the Republic on the Establishment of a Faculty Branch in Hradec Králové (Decree No. 96/1945 Coll., On the Establishment of a Branch of the Medical Faculty of Charles University in Hradec Králové) entered into force on 23 October 1945 during the registration period.
The ceremonial opening of the branch of the Medical Faculty of Charles University in Hradec Králové took place in the Střelnice hall on 25 November 1945 with the participation of leading representatives of Czechoslovak universities. More than a thousand guests attended the ceremony, and the branch of the Medical Faculty of Charles University in Hradec Králové was declared open by the rector of Charles University, Jan Bělehrádek.
The following period meant solving a number of things important for the operation of the new faculty. Professor František Smetánka became the head of the Faculty of Medicine in Hradec Králové on January 1, 1946, and the pedagogical staff was gradually completed, and the University Library was opened. The first graduates graduated, professional conferences took place here, the first faculty ball took place.

photo1: First Dean of the Faculty of Medicine in HK prof. Bohuslav Bouček
photo2: Ceremonial meeting for the opening of the Faculty of Medicine in HK, hall Střelnice 25 November 1945
PhDr. Pavla Koritenská
Muzeum východních Čech
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