Stefanova, Stanislava
Poslední změna: 23.01. 2014

Science and Research

In addition to teaching, scientific and research activities are among the faculty`s main activities.


Members of our faculty and our students are principal investigators or co-investigators of many grant projects (Czech Grant Agency, European Social Fund, ERDF, FP7, etc.) relating to medical research and teaching innovation.


Students of undergraduate (Master`s degree) programs can prepare from the very beginning of their study for scientific and research work within their curricula. The outcome of their work is annually presented, discussed and judged at the SVOČ conferences (Students´ Scientific and Research Work conference).


Results of the scientific and research activities are presented at many regular scientific meetings.


  • Scientific conferences of the Faculty of Medicine and the University Hospital in Hradec Králové are a part of external review procedures for grants of some grant agencies.
    See in Czech (abstracts are in English).



  • The international conference of postgraduate (PhD) students called  “International Medical Postgraduate Conference in Hradec Králové” with the subtitle “New Frontiers in the Research of PhD Students”  has been annually organized since 2005 and has been rising in prestige.

    The prestige  of the International Medical Postragraduate Conference Hradec Králové, with the subtitle New Frontiers in the Research of PhD Students, which has been organized since 2005, is constantly rising.


Overview of the research activities