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Catering fascility in Šimkova street

The full operation of the canteen will start on October 5, 2020.

Lunch will be served between 10:45 and 13:00.
The canteen is intended for employees and students of the faculty, while the new capacity is up to 57 boarders.

The menu will include soup and four main dishes, of which at least one will always contain meat and at least one will be vegetarian.

Payment is made via the ISIC card, which you can top up with cash, payment card or meal vouchers at the canteen cash desk.

Ordering meals

It will be possible to deposit the credit on the ISIC starting from October 5 directly at the canteen cash desk in cash, by payment card or meal vouchers. So don't forget to bring your ISIC and the financial amount you would like to deposit on it for ordering lunches. You will not be able to order lunch without a sufficient balance on the card. Additionally, you can top up your card at the canteen Na Kotli as well.

Meal exchange

In case you no longer want/can the meal you have ordered and you did not manage to cancel your order in time (till 4pm of the preceeding day), you can offer your meal in the meal exchange in the ordering system.

It will be displayed there for anyone to pick up until the end of lunch time (1pm). If someone else decides to collect your meal the price will be deducted from his/her account, but if no one does and the food remains uncollected then the price will be taken from your account.


The current menu for the given week can be viewed on the web system, plus the Czech version is here at the end of czech version of this page and will be shared on the IG faculty every Friday afternoon.

Food can be ordered up to 14 days in advance on the KaM website or via the mobile application Mobile Ordering Credit (Android OS) and MobilKredit 2 (iOs). Instructions are available here, Please note, that you have to choose the correct canteen, ours is bufet a výdejna LF HK.

Apart from the web and the app you can order your meal also via the screen in the canteen itself.

It is possible to order soup and main meal or each of them separately. So you can have only a soup if you wish or only the main meal, up to you.

Tha price of lunch includes free tea.


For main meals, prices will be in the range of CZK 85 to 105 for employees and CZK 66 to 85 for students, the soup will be for CZK 13.80.

Tea is included in the price of lunch, and other drinks can be purchased from the buffet. The price of lunch is deducted automatically upon collection (attaching the card / chip to the terminal at the dispensing counter, where the selected variant will be displayed and given to you). So if you don't want to choose anything else from the buffet menu, you don't have to go to the cash register and you can head straight to the table.

In addition to lunch, you will also be able to use snack bar offering panini, toasts, baguettes, savoury and sweet pastries, dairy products, salads, fruit and cold and hot drinks. This is also during the lunch time so you can grab a soft drink or something sweet in addition to your lunch and just pay at the cashier.

Snack bar

The operation of snack bar will also start on October 5, 2020 and its operating hours will be from 7:30 to 14:00.
You do not need a credit on the ISIC card to buy food at the snack bar, everything can be paid at the cash desk with cash, credit card or meal vouchers.

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