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March 23 - Current information

Face masks are mandatory.

Current information and binding instructions (17. 3. 2020, 13.00 hod)
- contact instruction is suspended until further notice, including individual consultations and examinations of all types
- however, the teaching is not completely abolished. It is necessary to continue in an alternative, non-contact way. Responsibility for the manner and content is with the head of the department. or the guarantor. Keep students informed.
- all domestic and foreign business trips are prohibited until further notice
- the operation of the faculty is maintained, but is in crisis mode
- LF buildings are closed to the public. The presence of persons and parking of vehicles will be continuously monitored to exclude non-authorized access.
- the head of the department, together with his staff, must ensure that the department is operational to the extent necessary (basic administration, operation of the building, laboratories, animal care, etc.)
- employees who will be entrusted by their head to ensure the operation of the workplace and faculty to the extent necessary, will stay in the buildings only between 8:00 - 12:00 (the necessary exceptions are set by the head of the workplace)
- other employees will work from home as directed by the head of their department
- The Medical Library and all study rooms are closed until further notice
- from 18 March 2020 no meals will be provided for employees in the building in Šimkova Street
- follow the mail communication and the LF website
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Actual information:

Charles University - the coronavirus crisis

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