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Coronavirus - Information

Availability of faculty premises for the needs of students and staff as of May 25, 2020​

Operation at LF HK from 11 May 2020​

As of 19 May 2020 and beyond, the following measures must be respected:

- Wearing face masks or other covers of respiratory tract is mandatory indoors.

- The only exception from the above is if there are a maximum of 15 people in the room and the distances between the people are at least 1.5 m.
Thus while in the corridors of faculty buildings please respect the obligation to cover your nose and mouth.


                                                                                            Prof. MUDr. Jiří Manďák, Ph.D.



Dear students,
following the recent epidemiological, social and academic developments in the Czech Republic and abroad we would like to update you about the current situation and provide some answers to (at least) some of the questions you (and you parents) might have:
1. Who is the responsible person from the Faculty of Medicine in Hradec Králová regarding epidemiological, study-related and personal issues our students may address questions and queries to?

Epidemiological situation, overall status and a source of first hand reliable information - our dean prof. Jiří Manďák

Study information, visa, traveling etc. - study department (head Mrs Eva Faistová, MSc), vice dean prof. Emil Rudolf

Personal issues - study department, vice dean prof. Emil Rudolf

2. Where can we find reliable sources of information (in English) concerning the actual epidemiological situation in thee Czech Republic, travel information etc.
The relevant reliable source is to be found at the following site.

There you will find the latest figures but also other references which might relate to some other practical aspects of your life such as your whereabouts and possibilities of your entry and reentry to the CR. (the link above will also take you to the Ministry of interior where you will find more info and can inquire on your own)
The rector of Charles University professor Tomáš Zima along with prof. Mandak visited the headquarters of Czech students (Koleje na Kotli) recently and discussed with them how to coordinate the information flow concerning the epidemiological situation, volunteering, study issues etc. International students (in particular the senators) should and would be involved and it is planned that the information will be disseminated and shared among all student community.
3. what about the academic year schedule?
New decrees are being issued on the level of the University as well as the entire Czech Republic (our Parliament will hopefully pass the relevant bill in a few days) to modify the study rules and the schedule of the actual academic year. These include among other things
  • exams (including state) to be carried out on-line or via any other alternative (electronic) ways
  • the summer examination period is now extended throughout the summer, meaning exams may be carried out from June 1st through July, August until September 18th as per discretion of particular departments. 

The classes (tuition) of the all the obligatory as well as elective subjects have not been interrupted or cancelled!!! Students continue with their studies but instead of having face-to-face classes, they have on-line courses and communication (any form) with teachers. This is understood to be regular if another form of standard education. Once the school opens (no reliable predictions when), then students just switch to whatever is left, i.e. complete last classes of the semester face-to-face (individual) should there be any left, sit credits and finals or have consultations. The study system remains the same, the only difference is that everything is now on line (including even credits and finals). The order of credits and finals will be based on completed study duties including booking of the dates as they will be opened in the SIS by individual guarantors. Thus same system is likely to be followed in case of state exams.
Guarantors of individual subjects will obtain information about changes implemented into the study system and should be prepared for on line exams (should the situation require; i.e. the epidemiological situation would not allow opening of the faculty for face-to face education, the student is abroad and cannot reenter the CR).
Accordingly, all students were informed about a specific form (in Moodle) where they should identify themselves - i.e. their present whereabouts, the visa status etc. for us to be able to assess their situation and help (if necessary).
Finally, every effort is being made to continue with the semester as originally planned and to enable study progress despite extraordinary circumstances.
Prof. Jiří Manďák, MD, PhD.


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