Juranova, Iveta
Poslední změna: 08.07. 2020

Changes as of 7.7.

We are getting back to the precovid state of things so the buildings will be open as follows:

Building Na Hradě 9 – 22 hod.
VaVC (Campus) 8 – 24 hod.
Educational Centre in FH 8 – 18 hod.
Building Šimkova 8 – 24 hod. - Lecture hall I.,II., III., IV. will be opened for self-study.


Study rooms equipped with computers and intended for self-study will be opened for students (Medical Library, study room Na Hradě, in the Learning Center).

Medical Library - Lending department and textbooks:
- you can use the study places in the lending department
- you can use the computers in the lending department
- opening hours of the lending dept. is still between 9 & 15h

Computer room and study hall at Educational Centre:
- open from 8 till 18


At the same time, kindly please maintain the following measures:
 at the entrance to the classrooms, disinfect your hands with a disinfectant, which is regularly replenished by the Operations and Technical Department
 We encourage staff and students who come into contact with others, books, computers, desks, chairs, and other equipment of a similar nature to perform hand hygiene with increased frequency.