Juranova, Iveta
Poslední změna: 01.03. 2021

Current information, March 1, 2021

Dear students,
Please pay close attention to the current pandemic measures and rules of operation for our faculty.
For updates on general rules in English please regularly check the website of Ministry of Interior here: https://covid.gov.cz/en/measures
As of 1sr March:
- there is still an exception for our faculty (as other medical faculties), so that practical teaching and practice can be carried out as before by contact. However, it is a possibility, not an obligation. It depends on the current possibilities of each department, so follow the current information of departments, be in contact with your teachers.
- individual consultations can be held (1 on 1).
- full-time examinations may take place with the participation of a maximum of 10 persons present. Online examinations are still allowed.
- follow the current instructions, which unfortunately may change from day to day
- FFP2 respirators are mandatory (cloths and ordinary face masks are not sufficient)
- from 1.3. movement of persons is restricted to districts with only a few exceptions, you can have a confirmation of your study confirmed by the Study Department should you need to travel outside the HK district for your your practices (more on this on the above page)
With best regards,
Prof. Jiří Manďák, M.D., Ph.D.