Juranova, Iveta
Poslední změna: 23.03. 2020

Current information, March 23

Dear international students,


based on repeated inquiries of some students concerning the exam dates, restoration of "normal faculty classes" etc. we would like to update you with the relevant current information.


Firstly, no definitive time lines concerning all measures and their possible revoking as adopted by Czech health, education and internal authorities are available.  The official information given in mass media revolves around the epidemiologic situation in the CR and Europe and we are waiting to see whether the adopted restrictions will have succeeded in limiting daily rise in COVID-19 positive cases in CR. But it takes time and thus, unofficially, the current strict measures will very likely be maintaiend until  Easters (Easters Monday is April 13th this year). Should the trend prove to be optimistic, we are told, then some restrictiction might be lifted. Still, officials also announced that possible return to the normal life will be gradual and it is planned that schools here (we presume Universities included) shall be opened last - predicted June?

Secondly, there remains another issue, and it is the closure of our borders since all around us, in particular in the West (Germany, Austria, Italy, Spain,... UK), the current situation is much more worse, these countries had not adopted the strict epidemiological measures early enough and they face large difficulties whose containment (given often the relaxed approach of citizens towards this crisis) may take many months. Thus no way of knowing when the borders will be opened to at least minimal traveling. Some of our authorities mentioned half a year, or perhaps more but nobody knows. We are aware that for some (perhaps) many or most of you it is also the crucial question but we would like to emphasize once more again that if you leave the CR to your home country, then your reentry might be to say the least very complicated.


Despite these uncertain perspectives, we would like to assure you that we do maximum to ensure  that your study progress is maintained while trying to find the best possible ways of survival.



prof. Jiří Manďák, MD Ph.D