Juranova, Iveta
Poslední změna: 14.10. 2020

Declaration of a joint procedure of med. faculties

Declaration of a joint procedure of medical faculties in the Czech Republic for the harmonization of assistance to students in health care with their full-time study in the academic year 2020 - 2021:

In connection with the escalation of the Covid-19 pandemic in the Czech Republic, the related government-imposed restrictions on teaching and the extensive assistance of hundreds to thousands of medical students in health care, the Association of Deans of Medical Faculties of the Czech Republic has agreed to adhere to the following principles in the 2020-21 academic year:
1. The main goal is to provide all students with the conditions and opportunities to properly complete all credits and examinations in this academic year by September 30, 2021.

2. The management of the Faculty of Medicine will contribute to this goal by flexible adjustments of schedules, extension of examination periods, announcement of a sufficient number of alternative dates for practical training, internships, credits and exams.

3. The management of the faculties will make every effort to ensure that the quality and quantity of teaching is affected as little as possible by this situation. However, we ask students to have an understanding for possible modifications of teaching, especially in clinical disciplines, where teaching physicians will have to meet extreme requirements for health care for patients, either due to high numbers of patients or due to taking over work of their sick colleagues.