Juranova, Iveta
Poslední změna: 03.05. 2021

New measure of the Ministry of Health, valid from 3rd May 2021


There is a new extraordinary measure  of the Ministry of Health of 26 April 2021, which regulates restrictions in the field of education from 3rd May 2021 until further notice. In terms of our faculty there are only minor changes and a complete overview of the current information is described below.

Restrictions are:

operation of higher education institutions pursuant to Act No. 111/1998 Coll., on Higher Education Institutions and on Amendments to Other Acts (Act on Higher Education Institutions), as amended, including foreign higher education institutions and their branches operating in the Czech Republic (hereinafter by personally prohibiting the personal presence of students in classes and examinations if more than 10 persons take part in an examination in a room at the same time, study at a university and take part in lifelong learning courses; the prohibition on the personal presence of students under this point does not apply to:

  • participation in clinical and practical teaching and practice of students of all years of study programs of general medicine, dentistry, pharmacy and other medical study programs and students performing pedagogical practical teaching and practice in kindergartens, primary and secondary schools or school facilities for institutional and protective education
  • participation in individual consultations (only one student and one academic staff),

Restricted events:

  • entrance examinations for universities, colleges, secondary schools and conservatories so that they can only take place with the participation of a maximum of 20 people in a room

This means that:

  • full-time exams can take place, with the participation of a maximum of 10 people present,
  • for medical faculties, FaF and teacher training programs, exceptions to clinical and practical teaching and practice apply as before,
  • it is possible to take full-time entrance exams, with the participation of a maximum of 20 people present,
  • it is possible to hold individual consultations (1 on 1).
Singing and sports activities are allowed as part of education only in study programs in which singing / sports activities are a key part of the study program. Singing is then allowed in the presence of a maximum of 6 students in the room.

Indoor movement with respirator

From Monday 12 April 2021, the interiors of universities are included in the list of places where it is necessary to have a respirator or similar device (always without an exhalation valve) fulfilling all technical conditions and requirements (for the product), relevant standards (eg FFP2, CN 95) that prevent the spread of droplets.

This measure still applies pupils or students who carry out internships, practical training or practical training at the workplace of organizations or selfemployed persons are governed by the rules applicable to employees at that workplace.
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