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New Testing Center for the employees and students

Dear students,

Following the recently started SARS-CoV-2 testing in our testing center in the EC building we´d like to inform you about possibilities to have your expeses, connected with this testing, paid.
If you recieve a proof of payment, turn firstly to your insurance company, to see if you can have these expenses covered from your insurance.

If your insurance doesn´t cover such type of payment, you can have it paid in cash at the Faculty cash desk from 1. 4. 2021.

Prior to this repayment you need to stop by at the Study deparment to explain your situation and have your proof od payment signed by a Study department worker.

Along with the proof of payment you need to bring your student´s card with.

We received an additional information regarding the SARS-CoV-2 testing in our testing center in the EC building. You can use the EHI card as the insurance connected with EHI covers the expenses for this test.

Kind regards

 Study Department for Study Programs in English


Dear students,


As of Wednesday, 17. 3. 2021 a new governmental directive comes into effect. It dictates that employees cannot be allowed to enter their workplace without a certification of a negative SARS-CoV-2 test, not older than 7 days.

The only exceptions are people, who experienced COVID-19 within past 90 days, and those who have already been properly vaccinated. These exceptions must be proved by a filled formal declaration, the templates are attached.

This applies to our faculty as well, thus we will be obliged to test our employees or require a negative SARS-CoV-2 test from them.

The valid governmental measures still allow the medical faculties to secure the tuition in a face-to-face form. In order to ensure the maximum safety a negative test certification not older than 7 days will be required not only from the lecturers, but also from the students participating in a face-to-face tuition and when entering the faculty buildings.

Only a certification from an official testing centre shall be accepted. You are always obliged to have it on you when staying in the faculty premises and faculty employees may request you to present it at any point in time.


Since the capacity of public testing centres is overcrowded, the Faculty and the University Hospital created a new:

Testing Center for the faculty employees and students

in the Education Center of the Faculty in the Hospital area

This centre will be open Monday - Friday, 7.30 – 15.00.

It´s necessary to book a term ahead in the reservation system of our Faculty of Medicine.
To get an English translation of the registration form please use a right click anywhere on the page and choose the option „Translate to English“ or „Přeložit do jazyka: angličtina“ depending on the browser you are using.


Bring with you your ID card or passport, insurance card and student´s card.

The examination will be performed by trained staff. It will be in the form of a nasal swab and antigenic testing directly at the collection site. The total duration of the test, including waiting for the evaluation and certification, shouldn´t exceed 30 minutes.


The test is valid for 7 days. After that it must be repeated.


In case of a positive antigenic test, the tested person will be immediately sent for a PCR test in the Testing Center of the University Hospital.


The test is fully covered by the health insurance, for those who are insured by a Czech or Slovak insurance.

Those who do not possess such insurance will be required to pay 350,- CZK per test. It needs to be paid on the spot by card, cash will not be accepted. Based on the confirmation of payment, the amount will be reimbursed by the insurance company, depending on the agreed type of insurance.

Thus, if your insurance company does not accept the confirmation for reimbursement the amount will be reimbursed by the faculty. The method of payment will be specified later.  


This testing centre serves for the purpose of a broad-ranged screening examination of healthy people without any other symptoms.

People with respiratory disease onset, increased temperature or other symptoms of an infectious disease shall not be examined here. These people must contact their GP or the local hygienic station and require their recommendations.


Thank you for your cooperation

Jiří Manďák

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