Juranova, Iveta
Poslední změna: 10.09. 2020

Notice – August 14, 2020

Dear students,

Following the recent development the faculty decided to strenghten it´s hygienic measures (i.e. cleanup frequency, rooms disinfection, placing of disinfection dispensers, protective equipment distribution, etc.). The main responsibility is on each one of us.
  • So I ask you to further respect the basic hygiene rules, especially the hand-hygiene.
  • In case that you occur in a place with more people I recommend to use a respiratory protection (masks, respirator, ...) and to keep more distance from one another.
  • Avoid contact with people with symptoms of respiratory diseases.
  • Visit the faculty with no acute health problems, especially such that are corresponding with an infectious disease.
  • Ventilate the rooms, in which you spend larger portion of time.
Thank you all for respecting these measures.
Prof. Jiří Manďák, M.D., Ph.D.
Dean of the Faculty