Juranova, Iveta
Poslední změna: 09.04. 2020

On-line teaching

For online education the Faculty uses mainly 2 platforms - Microsoft Teams, Adobe Connect. Instruction for these platforms are available on this link: https://moodle.lfhk.cuni.cz/moodle2/, where you can find the webinars and manuals. 
Notice: Adobe Connect has a limited capacity. For that reason you need to make reservations ahead. 
The goal of planning of the online education is to avert possible clashes, f.e. more lectures at the same time for the same class.
The lecture planning will be organized via shared excel table, which is available here. The right to make notes and changes will be given to subject guarantors and departmental schedule planners (nominated earlier for the purpose of new schedule planning system). Students can see this table in read-only mode. 
Basic rules for added notes about the online lectures:

  • One lecture for students of the same class / year at the specified time only. 
  • The table includes all study groups from all study years. If the lecture is for more groups, merge the boxes.. 
  • Color distinction of obligatory and elective subject – yellow for obligatory, light blue for electives.  
  • In the box write the name of your department (or it´s shortcut), for elective subject write it´s name as well.
  • Deadline – for the following week finish the notes till 12:00 of the preceding Friday, 48 hours before the online lecture the latest. 
  • In case of changes in schedule, inform the students. 
  • Technical support for online education is provided by the Center for the Support of Modern Teaching Methods (cpmv@lfhk.cuni.cz). 

Internal medicine - on-line teaching