Mazanek, Pavel
Poslední změna: 29.09. 2021

Current information on Faculty operation


All faculty facilities are open for students, employees and other visitors for sorting out specific things, visit of library of gallery.

While inside the facilities it is necessary to keep the valid safety and hygiene measures.

It´s still necessary to desinfect your hands and surfaces, and ventilate frequently.


In the hallways and all interiors of LFHK, the use of respirator or similar device without an exhalation valve is obligatory. The filling filtration efficiency has to be at least 94 percent.

The wear of protections is not obligatory in lecture rooms, if students are seated, no limit for attendace is give. If possible maintaining distance sis recommended. Teachers as „speaking person“ also need not to wear respiratory protection during tuition. But a distance o fat least 1,5 meters from students should be kept.

In area of faculty hospital the same rules are valid for student as for employees. The use of respirator of at least FFP2 class is obligatory in the hallways and all interiors inclusive lecture rooms.


Testing of employees is not mandatory. However, we call on those employees who are not vaccinated in order to prevent the spread of infection, please test yourself reguralry. You can be tested in testing centre or use approved self-tests.  

Students don´t have to present non-infectiousness in order to participate in the tuition and exams.

Students, who live in the dorms, must prove their non-infectiousness regularely
(see: https://cuni.cz/UKEN-379.html?news=13170&locale=en).