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Coronavirus - Information

Current information on pandemic measures - September 3, 2021


Please pay attention - New Testing Center for the faculty employees and students in the Education Center of the Faculty in the Hospital area

The opening and office hours - March, 2021

Please pay attention: Current information - March 1, 2021

Arrivals from abroad - Please pay attention to the updated hygienic directives



IF YOU SHOW SYMPTOMS OF COVID-19, you should email or call your GP, describe the symptoms, and request her resolution. If your GP concludes that the symptoms correspond to the viral disease COVID-19, she will send a request for your test to the closest testing centre. Then you have to scan your insurance card (Czech, European or private insurance with Slavia, Uniqa, etc.) and send it to covidciz@fnhk.cz  – without this step you will not be accepted for the test despite the request from the doctor. Plus don’t forget to make a reservation as “indikovaný pacient” here  << In this case you don’t pay anything and your test is covered by your insurance
IF YOU HAVE BEEN IN A PANDEMICALLY HIGH RISK CONTACT, meaning contact with a COVID-19 positive person for more than 15 min, in close proximity without any protection. You have to QUARANTINE. Verify with your "contact" via phone whether he or she listed you into the tracing system of the hygiene station. You are to be contacted by the regional hygiene station with resolution for the length of your quarantine and term when you should register for the test. If the test is ordered by the regional hygiene station it is also covered by your insurance.

IF YOU HAVE BEEN PLACED INTO QUARANTINE OR TESTED POSITIVE FOR COVID-19, you have to follow the instructions of your doctor or the regional hygiene station. Inform your teachers and the study department about your currenct and upcoming absence. Isolate yourself from others, arrange for food delivery and all the necessary supplies online and indicate the risk for the vendors (they will leave the parcels and bags at your doorstep to limit the contact).


You already know GP for international students, doctor Brynda. Should you need a consultation regarding your symptoms, he will need you to send him an email containing your full name, date of birth, address in Czech Republic, citizenship, phone number and your symptoms to tomas.brynda@fnhk.cz  Then if necessary he will issue a test request for you.
There is also a GP for students residing Na Kotli, doctor Petra Hošková. Should you need a consultation regarding your symptoms, she will need you to send her an email containing your full name, date of birth, address in Czech Republic, citizenship, phone number and your symptoms to hoskova70@seznam.cz  Then she will communicate with you further about the next steps.



Please use the official COVID Portal of Ministry of Interior which is continuously being updated and is available to you in English.
Here you can find information about MEASURES, TESTING, VACCINE, TRAVEL, and a lot more.https://covid.gov.cz/en/


Declaration of a joint procedure of medical faculties 

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Here you will find generally valid rules, for employees and students in relation to the operation of the faculty. Please follow the news regarding the organization of tuition, state examinations and study evaluations in the individual subsections.

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