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Information about tuition


New Testing Center for the faculty employees and students in the Education Center of the Faculty in the Hospital area

Please pay attention - Current information, March 9, 2021.

Updated and binding directives of the chief hygienist of the University Hospital

Arrivals from abroad - Please pay attention to the updated hygienic directives

New information 2020/10/30

Dear students,
Exceptions to the Government Resolution of 12 October 2020 apply to our faculty. Contact practical teaching, internships and examinations are permitted, accommodation in dormitories and meals in the canteen are permitted.
However, it is necessary to strictly adhere to the increased hygienic regime, consistent wearing of face masks, repeated hygiene and disinfection of hands, keeping distances and social distancing.
It is essential to follow the current information on the website of the faculty and the website of the hygienic service, Regional Health Organisation, and to strictly follow the instructions published there. Failure to follow the instructions exposes you to the risk of subsequent penalties.
It is forbidden to attend classes with signs of infectious disease, especially with signs of upper respiratory tract damage, fever, general weakness, etc. Even in this case, however, it is necessary to contact a doctor and initiate adequate treatment with an apology from teaching. Without the doctor's confirmation, the absence will not be excused. It is forbidden to participate in classes while in quarantine imposed by a doctor or Regional Health Organisation.
Contact with a positive person must be reported immediately to the Regional Health Organisation, even retrospectively, and consequently its instructions strictly followed. It is necessary to report this to the teacher or to the secretary of a particular department before teaching. It is not permissible to report this until after attending practical training or other activities, if the information is already available.
If these measures and instructions are not observed, there is a risk of a ban on practical teaching and practice at the University Hospital Hradec Králové by the hospital hygienist.

Below mentioned still applies to the organisation of tuition

1. Tuition organisation

Until further notice, all lectures for all study years in all study programs will take place online. Times of the tuition will be the same as in the valid schedule. Subject guarantors are responsible for ensuring the tuition.

Practical classes:
For all study programs and study years the practical classes will take place in face-to-face form as per the valid schedule, until revoked.

Technical solution:
For online lectures and seminars MS Team are used primarily. Here the lectures and seminars are organised as meetings in the calendar based student´s study year and group. In case of alternative solution, the department will inform the students.

Deaprtments are oblidged to record the lectures, including possible comments from the students. The record will be aumatically published in MS Stream application to all participants of the webinar. Teachers can later adjust the options for access. MS Stream is similar to YouTube, but available only for users of lfhk.cuni.cz network. Furter sharing of the records is forbidden and potentially criminal. Details about recording and placement of the lectures will be published in LMS Moodle in “Courses“ card.

Manual for students are available in LMS Moodle

Actual information:
In case of new messures ordering to cancel the face-to-face tuition from the Czech government, Ministry of Health, Ministry of Education, Charles University rectorate of LFHK, the departments and guarantors are oblidged to ensure the courses online as per the valid schedule and inform students about the form of study and requirements for completing the subject.

For actual information watch your faculty email and faculty web.

2. Evaluation of the tuition

Department will inform the students about the form of study and requirement for completing the subjects in LMS Moodle in “Courses“ cards.

3. Hygienic measures

Equiping with protective equipment
Teachers and students are oblidged to follow the actual hygienic measures and equip themselves with proper protective equipment. Students are oblidged to get familiar with the required protective equipment prior to the face-to-face tuition. Teachers check if students are properly equiped with prescribed protective equipment. Students without proper protective equipment can´t be allowed to attend the classes and their participation will not be recognized.

Nonattendance due to an ordered quarantine or COVID-19 positive test
The rules and requirements for completing of subjects have been updated and published in SIS prior to the start of tuition and are still valid. If a student is COVID-19 positive or must the quarantined based on a decision of a hygiene office, he or she must not attend the face-to-face tuition. The subject guarantor will decide on the form and extent of the substitute classes and requirement for fulfilling the study duties. Student, who can´t attend the classes for above mentined reasons, must come to terms with the subject guarantor regarding substitution of the tuition and requirement for completing the subject.

General anti-epidemic measures for tuition at the University Hospital in Hradec Králové

  • Students must have their own mask / mouth-and-nose protection prior to entering all buildings.
  • Students are allowed to attend the classes only with no communicable infectious diseases. In case of some infectious symptoms or respiratory distress, contact your GP to evaluate your health constitution and your attendance at tuition.
  • With regards to the epidemic COVID-19 situation, students who fail the following cannot attend the tuition:
    • When returning from a risk country, for which a test or a quarantine are required, students must obey the given regulations and recommendations. For this follow the updated information on the web of Czech Ministry of Health and Ministry of Interior.
    • In case of dyspnoea, coughing, body temperature above 37.3 °C, loss of smell, appetite, muscular or articular pain, when in touch in COVID-19 positive person in past 10 days.
    • When COVID-19 quarantine is imposed. 


Tuition at the University Hospital – all teachers check the following measures prior to each practical class or seminar

  • All students must have a mask / mouth-and-nose protection before the class starts.

     For theoretical tuition students wear their own mask / mouth-and-nose protection.

     For practical classes with patients, students need a disposable, 3-ply mask
     or a respirator according the requirement of the workplace. Students use the
     same type of protective equipment as the personnel of the respective hospital 
     workplace. The required equipment will be secured by the teachers at
     the particular place of tuition.

  • Before the start of each practical class the teacher must ask all students, if they
    feel healthy – i.e. no symptoms of any infectious disease, no contact with a COVID-19 positive person in past 10 days, no quarantine imposed.

  • Keep in mind higher standard for hand hygiene.

     Disinfect or wash hands before a contact with a patient, before aseptic activities,
     after contact with patient´s environment, after contact with the patient, after
     contact with biological material, before entering the classroom.

The hygienic rules will be continuously updated on the faculty web in cooperation with Lenka Hobzova, M.D., Ph.D., Head of Hospital Hygiene Department.

We also want to ask quarantined or COVID-19 possitive student to inform the study department about it on this email - students@lfhk.cuni.cz. It is obligatory to make this evidence and report to the Charles University rectorate.

4. Operation of the Study department

Operation of the Study department follows the actual anti-epidemic rules. The office hours can be updated prior to new measures. Updated office hours will then be published on the faculty web.