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Strategic Plan

Strategic Plan Of The Faculty Of Medicine In Hradec Králové 2021-2025 is a follow-up to the long-term objectives of the Faculty of Medicine from previous periods, as demonstrated by the Vision of the Faculty. At the same time, it specifies the strategic objectives of future development in line with the demands placed on the activities of the Faculty by the current times and the challenges of current social development.

Visualisation Mephared 2, Campus CU in Hradci Králové – II. phase

The Faculty of Medicine in Hradec Králové is proud to be part of the Charles University.  Our strategic plan develops the ideas of the University Strategy, complements them and specifies them for the LF HK conditions. It specifies eleven strategic priorities where all relevant activities in the period 2021–2025 are thematically captured.

Visualisation Mephared 2, Campus CU in Hradci Králové – II. phase

An integral part of the strategic plan is the Annex in which strategic priorities are developed into objectives and measures to implement them. The resulting indicators and a description of the outcomes specify the objective towards which further development of the Faculty will be directed.

Mission of the Faculty

The teaching and education of future physicians and health professionals universally prepared for the exercise of their profession in the health sector. To act as a teaching, scientific and social centre of European importance.

Vision of the Faculty

LF HK wants to be a Faculty that
  • is educating graduates well prepared for practice;
  • carries out scientific and research activities at an international level;
  • creates a friendly and creative academic environment;
  • supports internationalization in teaching and scientific activities;
  • reflects the needs of society while respecting academic and democratic principles;
  • is an integral and respected part of Charles University.