Hajek, Petr
Poslední změna: 27.01. 2015

Informations for the general public


Anatomical museum at our department was found in 1945. It was completed by new specimens step by step from the very beginning. A boom was reached in the seventies when we acquired a collection of human bones from medieval ossuary of St. Peter and Paul Church in Broumov. Nowadays, the department of anatomy possesses large collection of human bony material from 13th to 18th century. 

The exposition serves for the education of students of medicine, for a revision of postgraduates or other medical stuff, and for an additional education of somatology at various secondary or high schools.  Of course, it available especially for our students each working day 8 - 15 o'clock, out of time of the mandatory classes or lectures. 

An example of published results is attached below - it is a study of the craniosynostoses (developmental malformations of skulls) found in our skeletal collection.

Donation of bodies

Anatomy is one of the main subjects of medical education in European countries and secondly, education of anatomy is based on dissection. Our department acquires bodies of donors after they submitted a written agreement alive. This process is legal, voluntary, and free of charge. We appreciate our donors immensely for their enabling the education of future physicians.