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Study information

Organizing information

  • This site is intended as the main communication gate for students. Instructions announced here are considered to be valid and important, most of them are long-term. For advices requiring immediate feedback we prefer to use our Facebook profile "Anatomie Hradec".

Up to date information:

Information for the the summer term:

  • Up-to-date information
    • If not specified otherwise, all the upcoming test will run in the Main lecture hall. Furthermore, due to continual loosenig of restrictions, there is no more need to register in advance. You just need to bring the mask and the same declaration about your health like in your first attempt.
    • Final examination on anatomy - complete instructions.
    • Information about credit conditions from anatomy.

  • Dear students, welcome on web pages of Department of Anatomy. The new semester starts by a week of lectures, then the practical classes start to run as well. Anatomical syllabi (= schedules) arranged by weeks for the new semester are available on educational server Moodle (see below) in an e-learning course called Selfstudy. Sources for lectures and classes are in the course Materials.
  • Practical classes take place in dissection rooms - the approach is from the yard of our faculty, in case of a rainy weather also through the Department of Histology. Optimal time to come is 10 minutes before the beginning of a class. Students need a laboratory coat for each practical class in the dissection rooms. Gloves with powder are available, bring special gloves only in case of an allergy. Dissection tools are necessary just in the summer semester in the study branch General medicine.
  • Attendance at both lectures and classes is mandatory. Students must be present from the beginning till the end of class. Unexcused absences exclude obtaining a credit. Each practical classes starts by a brief test to evaluate a homework. Good evaluation of your continuous preparation is one of the credit conditions.

Study materials 

  • Department of Anatomy offers a variety of study materials to students. Most of them are available on gateway Moodle. All study branches have there the schedule of anatomical lectures and practical classes, arranged by weeks in a suitable form for print. We use Moodle to make available final exam questions, results of tests, useful links (including licenced Sobotta's ilustrated Atlas of Human Anatomy online). To log into Moodle you have to use the identity entry assigned by Study department during the first week. Enjoy it!
  • Among other study materials the most useful are:
  1. Materials for lectures in pdf form. They are useful to make comfortable listening the lecture if they are printed in advance or opened in your tablets. However, these pdf version can substitute nor personal attendance at concerned lecture nor chapters in recommended textbook! 
  2. Materials for practical classes as a brief survey of activities during lab and topics for homework in form of 1 page MS Word documments.  
  3. E-learning courses of Topographic anatomy. It is opportune to enrol in the courses concerning the topographic (regional) anatomy already in the winter term to complete the study of locomotor system. Registration into the courses is formal and it results in no evaluation and no obligation.