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Prof. MUDr. Pantaleon Sazama, DrSc.

Born 30. 9. 1911 in Dlazov
Died 24. 10. 2002 in Hradec Kralove

  • 1936  graduated from the Medical Faculty of Charles University
  • 1. 10. 1951 habilitation and appointment as an associate professor and became a head of the clinic
  • 3. 1. 1963 appointed as the Professor of Dentistry
  • 1965 defended so called "Great Doctorate", DrSc.
  • 1951–1977 head of the dental clinic
  • 1962 – 1977 Vice-Dean of the Medical Faculty
  • 1977 reached retirement age and forced to leave the clinic
  •  In retirement he wrote the book "Around the Hradec in a white coat" published in 1983 and signed it as Leon Dlazov.
After 1989, in one of the letters he wrote:
"... I'm still holding on to see the situation in dentistry, and I am regretting that now it's mostly hugging the economic aspects of the relationship between a doctor (" dentist ") and a patient. But I believe that the conditions will improve in time so that the benefit of the sick is always the forefront, as I have taught it, and to this day I confess ... "​