Stefanova, Stanislava
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Center of Dental Implantology

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prof. MUDr. Antonin Simunek, CSc.

Head of the Center of Dental Implantology
Curriculum Vitae

MUDr. Dana Kopecka, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor
Curriculum Vitae


The Center of Dental Implantology deals with a modern treatment of patients who lost one or more teeth for a wide variety of reasons. The tooth is replaced by a titanium dental implant surgically positioned into the jawbone beneath your gums and used to mount the crown or bridge onto it.
The Center of Dental Implantology offers the top latest technology and equipment. The quality of implant care has been shown to be extremely successful in implantation - more than 99 per cent of the implants placed at the Center of Dental Implantology are successful. The Center's doctors have placed more than 35,000 implants since 1993.
The importance of the workplace exceeds the borders of the region and even the Czech Republic. Every year, tens of dentists - implantologists from Czechia and from abroad - visit Center to learn news in the specialization. Our doctors keep close contact with a number of known implantological institutions in Europe and the US. Prof. MUDr. A. Simunek, CSc., the head of the Center, is one of our most famous implantologists. The postdoctoral teaching, scientific and publishing activities of the Center are very important.