Stefanova, Stanislava
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Oral Hygiene

Bc. Iveta Fialova Szabova, DiS. 
Head of Oral Hygiene
dental hygienist
+420 495833742

Kveta Prouzova, DiS.
dental hygienist
+420 495833742

Lenka Barillova, DiS.
dentální hygienistka
+420 495833148

Elena Sagnerova, DiS.
dental hygienist
+420 495833742

Helena Kubankova, DiS.
dental hygienist
+420 495833742

Zdenka Hajkova, DiS. 
dental hygienist
+420 495833742


The Oral Hygiene Section deals mainly with the primary prevention of tooth decay and gum disease practicing proper teeth cleaning techniques and the removal of dental coatings, especially tartar. It uses not only standard toothbrushes and other standard cleaning tools, but also modern instruments. The section relies on current scientific knowledge applied to clinical practice.

Advice and consultations

  • How to clean your teeth properly
  • How to care for your children's teeth
  • What to do when the gum bleeds
  • How to prevent tooth decay in children and adults



  • Professional teeth cleaning
  • Removal of tartar
  • Removal of exogenous pigments from tooth enamel by sandblasting
  • Teeth brushing
  • Local fluoridation
  • Surface treatment of dental fillings
  • Teeth whitening