Stefanova, Stanislava
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+420 495832872



doc. MUDr. Romana Koberova Ivancakova, CSc.
Head of Orthodontics
Deputy Head of Teaching and Scientific Activity
Associate Professor
Curriculum Vitae

MUDr. Zuzana Weberova

Head of Orthodontics

Assistant Professor

MDDr. Pavel Krupka


MDDr. Ondrej Sobol


Postgraduate Student


The section, with its focus on pediatric patients, is closely professionally associated with Pediatric Dentistry.
The Orthodontic Section deals with the diagnosis and treatment of various anomalies and disorders of the growth of the jaw bone and the position of the teeth. Classical clientele are child patients, but at the same time, adult patients, who for various reasons require similar care (adults not paid by health insurance companies). In addition to undergraduate education, the department also provides postgraduate specialized dental education for orthodontists.