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MUDr. Dita Dufkova

Head of Prosthodontics 2
Assistant Professor
postgraduate student

MUDr. Lenka Vavrickova, Ph.D.

Head of Prosthodontics 1
Assistant Professor
Curriculum Vitae

MDDr. Pavlina Hrabyova

MDDr. Ondrej Heneberk


The Prosthodontics deal with the missing or deficient teeth, from the simplest reconstructions of incomplete dental crowns to complete replacement of lost teeth and adjacent tissues. The goal of prosthetic dentistry is not only to revitalize the chewing function of denture but also to rehabilitate the biologic health, function, esthetics and comfort.
Teeth replacement called dental prosthesis can be either fixed or removable. Fixed replacements - crowns and bridges - are firmly anchored to their own remaining sharpened teeth. Removable prostheses are fastened to the remaining teeth using a variety of retention devices. The patient can remove it and put it on at any time.
Various materials are used to make dental prostheses, such as metal alloys, dental resins, ceramic materials, differing in their properties, functions, appearance and price. The most aesthetically preferred material, which is most similar to natural teeth, are nowadays all-ceramic crowns and bridges. The individual dental prosthesis production is mainly done in the prosthetic laboratory of our Dental Clinic.

Lost teeth can be replaced, in some cases, by dental implant.  It is a biotolerant metal "pin" inserted into the bone of the gingival protrusion, onto which a crown or bridge is fixed, even for totally toothless patients.


Our prosthetic section is responsible for educating dental students. Before the students start treating patients, they pass through a two-year practice in pre-clinical education. They acquire the necessary skills and basic proficiency needful for the next clinical practice in surgery. Their work is carefully supervised by doctors.
The treatment capacity provided by the prosthetic section is limited. Patients of the Implantology Center and other sections of the Dental Clinic are preferentially treated also staff of the Faculty Hospital and the Faculty of Medicine in Hradec Králové, including their families and special patients needful for the practical training of students.