Mazanek, Pavel
Poslední změna: 21.02. 2019

Study information

The Department of Dentistry provides in particular undergraduate education of students of the Master's program of Dentistry in Czech and English and also participates in the teaching of students of other master and bachelor study programs taught at the Faculty of Medicine in Hradec Kralove.
The Department of Dentistry provides practical training for students of the 3rd to 5th year of the Master's Degree Program of Dentistry for a large part of the calendar year. The curriculum currently running at the Faculty of Medicine in Hradec Kralove fully complies with the European Union regulations and recommendations. Students of the 3rd year of study practice basic treatment of patients under control of experienced teachers - doctors. Therefore, the patient may be offered the opportunity to be treated by a student. Student´s work is always very good, but usually slower. A doctor - a teacher who controls the treatment process - is responsible for it. Of course, treatment with students is more time consuming, but for the patient it can mean a significant price reduction for treatment (about 30%).
The Department of Dentistry also performs some forms of specialized postgraduate education in the medical fields (oral, maxillary and facial surgery and orthodontics) and participates in lifelong training of dental practitioners.

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