Zátopková Lenka
Poslední změna: 17.10. 2013




  • Petr Hejna, M.D., Ph.D., MBA
  • Lenka Zátopková, M.D.
  • Michaela Ublová, M.D.
  • Štěpánka Kučerová, M.D.



  1. Asphyxia. Carbon monoxide poisoning. Carbon dioxide poisoning.
  2. Motor vehicle collisions.
  3. Sudden and unexpected deaths from natural causes in adults.
  4. Sudden and unexpected deaths in childhood.
  5. Identification.
  6. Hypothermia.
  7. Hyperthermia.
  8. Electrocution.
  9. Forensic radiology and photography.
  10. Child abuse. Elder abuse.
  11. Sex crime. Rape, examination of victims.


Practical courses:

  1. Autopsy. Clinical autopsy. Medico-legal autopsy. External investigation of assaulted person. Exhumation. Expert opinion.
  2. Signs of death. Changes after death. Injuries. Death certification protocol. Supravital reaction. Vital reaction. Estimating the time of death.
  3. Blunt force injuries. Sharp force injuries. Post mortem injuries.
  4. Firearm injuries.
  5. Alcohol – blood levels. Alcoholic beverages. Poisoning by ethanol and methanol. The principle of ALTEST, Widmark test and gas chromatography. Calculation of alcoholaemia. Medicolegal aspects of alcoholic intoxication.
  6. Basic medico-legal terminology and interesting cases from practise.


Credit: Students are required to attend all practical classes. The number of legitimate absences may not exceed one practical class. If more than one practical class is missed, the position will be reviewed by the chair of the Department of Forensic Medicine.

Examination: The final examination follows the completion of all practical classes and all lectures. Final examination is oral.