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Elective subject - Neurosciencies

Students' presentations in last years (for older presentations see archive)

Listed presentations demonstrate students' ability to handle a neuroscientific topic, but they are not corrected and therefore they can not serve as an adequate educational material.

School Year 2016/17

Fatimah Alkhamis, Rishika Pandey, Bashaer Mohammedsaleh Classifications of mental illnesses
Lewis and Escalin Vascular Dementia
Anonymous Eye Tracking
Anonymous Brain-spine interface
Timo Pohl Neurogenetics
Zain and Aqsa Schizophrenia

Nuno Sousa, Christer Löfkrantz,

Millie Ottesen

Akash Ghosh, Sweta Patel and Arzaan Shaikh  Neuroscience of Origin
Anonymous Parkinson’s Disease
Aneish Mangarai, Nikolaos Kakavoulis Posttraumatic Stress Disorder
Lina Wetzel, Kriti Bhatia Lymphatic system of the brain

School Year 2015/16

Marjan Raad
Roshni Shah
Kapil Vij
Martin Bjoernsgaard
Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder
vs Bipolar disorder

Heidi Kaspersen
Martine Sakariassen

Hajer El Furjani
Georgina Krüger
Nita Helseth
Anxiety disorders
Priya Modi
Kojo Koranteng
Aarushi Sharma
Bipolar disease in children and young adolescents
Ali El Rida El Masri
Christoph Arlt
Treatment options for Alzheimer’s Disease
Vishal Zaveri The potential etiopathogenesis of schrizophrenia
Philip Kaiser
Pernille Sunde
The schizophrenia prodrome: promise for prevention
Prevention of Alzheimer’s disease

School Year 2014/15

Ishleen Kaur
Xavier Fung
Ashwin Mangarai
Humza Saleem
The Influence of Genetics in Schizophrenia
Mark Anil Mansingh
Simon Putzenlechner
Philipp Bartner
Deep Brain Stimulation
Franzis Pres Electoconvulsive Therapy (ECT)
Camilla Firing
Bernard Prengel
Paranoid psychosis
Aslak Torgersen Neurofeedback and cognitive behavioural therapy
Matthew Spreadbury DBS management of Tourette's
Anonymous A cannabinoid hypothesis of Schizophrenia
Azila Ariffin
Nurul Jawahir Mohd Zohdi
Phobias and the brain


School Year 2013/14

Věra Karaliova
Soňa Mečířová
Katarína Naďová Art Brut
Michal Korol Vliv hudby na mozek
Anonym Robotický exoskelet
Petra Polcarová Elektrokonvulzivní terapie
Matěj Kasal ADHD
Jakub Hlavica
Zdeněk Bonk
Martin Cerhán
Amyotrofická laterální skleróza
Jakub Hrabčák Jeruzalémský syndrom
Anonym Léčba depresí
Tereza Návratová
Helena Kašparová
Radka Novotná
Zbyněk Šec
Poruchy vědomí a bazální stimulace
Anonym Narcismus

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