Juranova, Iveta
Poslední změna: 20.04. 2021

Feedback - activities of PR Department

Dear students,
I would like to take this opportunity to kindly request your feedback on the activities and performance of our Public Affairs and Communications Department.
The Public Affairs and Communications Department (PR) has been here for you since September 2019.

From the beginning, we have been working hard to ensure visible changes and general progress of our faculty's communication, promotion and external relations.

Our activities include, for example:

  • organization and promotion of events inside and outside the faculty (anniversaries, important days, concerts, lectures, panel discussions, competitions, etc.),
  • sharing news and important messages within the activities and operation of the faculty (coronavirus section, sliders on the homepage, notices on social networks),
  • cooperation and support of student associations
  • administration of social networks of the faculty
  • presentation of the faculty at fairs, info days and other events aimed at applicants
  • creation of promotional materials (printed matter, products, presentations, videos, ...)
  • care for partners (media, regional, ...)
  • editorial activity


We do not underestimate the importance of cooperation with all of you and therefore
we would like to ask you for feedback.
Your answers to the following questions will help us to find out whether our efforts are spent on the right activities and which areas we should continue to focus on in the future, or where further development is most needed.

The questionnaire

is brief and in the vast majority composed of closed questions, so filling in should not take more than 3-5 minutes of your time.
You can find it here.
At the same time, we thank all those who have cooperated with us in any way during our work so far. Together we have managed to carry out great projects and many more are already being prepared. We are glad that many of you want to actively participate in the events at the faculty and address us with ideas and help with their implementation.
Thank you!
With kind regards,
Ms Pavla Sedlářová, M.Sc.
Head of Public Affairs and Communications Department