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Access to Faculty Network

Every employee and student has an access to a LFHK network.

Account and Password

To access the network is necessary to know the user name and password.

If you have no other option than an online solution, contact RUK using the form Public HelpDesk​

UK Identity Card

Without a valid and functional university ID card you will not obtain the account to the network (students), you will not be able to log on to computers at the faculty, you will not be able to reset the password through the web, or you will not be able to use the printers intended for use by students of the faculty / staff.

More information for


You will get your user name and password after getting employed at LF and filling in the application form at personnel department. If you are a current employee of LF and you do not have the account, application form  to the network can be obtained from the personnel department.


To access the network you will receive your user name (login_name) and password in the dispensing center of CU. The account is set up automatically for each student and faculty and is valid for a nearly all faculty and university applications.

Account Benefits


For students are available primarily faculty computer labs.

Possibilities to operate through the network

What to do in case of problems

Think about the nature of your problem, and then select one of suggested contacts:

Network problem

– in case of a problem with a login, with access to the wireless network, etc.

Contact: Network Administrators
2nd floor, Dept. of. Biophysics, 1st room on the right
Tel.: l. 250

Study Inquiries

– in case of e.g. missing credit, exam, wrong data (SIS)

Contact: Study dept. (Děkanát)
Kind of study: Master´s nad Bachelor´s Study Prog.  Ph.D. Study Prog.
Tel.: l. 487, 178 l. 131

Questions about the information sources

– in case of a problem with login to the knowledge database, catalogs, etc.

Contact: Medical Library
Budova na Hradě
Tel.: l. 525, 306, 490


- in case of a problem with a computer, a printer (or other problems of a technical nature)

Contact: system HelpDesk
In urgent cases only:
  Technicians OVT
4th floor. on the left
Tel.: l. 196, 277