Poslední změna: 26.04. 2022

Alumni Grill Party

Dear graduates, we cordially invite you to the Alumni Grill Party!

On Wednesday, May 11, there will be a traditional Rector's Day, when students and faculty staff set out for sports
and relaxation in nature and at the KTV sports grounds. 

Unfortunately, because it no longer concerns you, graduates, we are preparing a joint afternoon event
where you will be able to join us!

Pack a blanket, take your partners and children, don't forget something tasty for the grilling and come to enjoy
with us to Šimkovy sady, hopefully, sunny and relaxing afternoon!

In addition to barbecues, you can look forward to various other activities and regarding children, there will be 
sports equipment and art activities prepared for them to play with.

We will arrange bread, water, coloring books and crayons, ringo, frisbee, balls and hoops and maybe something else!

When and where:

• May 11, 4 pm
• Šimkovy sady in Hradec Králové (behind the faculty), barbecue place - closest to the Rotunda Cafe
  and parking lot on the southeast side

All other information can be found on our FB event

Do not hesitate and join us!