Poslední změna: 28.03. 2022

Assistance to Ukrainian students and staff

Charles University offers assistance to its Ukrainian students, staff and academics and their families who are
in danger in the current, unprecedented, and difficult situation and need any form of support in their time of need.

New website https://ukrajine.cuni.cz/ will serve as a signpost for all the assistance activities that the University
can offer.

Hotline: +420 800 100 650

Charles University offers help for all students, staff and academics who are impacted by the situation in Ukraine, 
whatever their nationality.
Hotline is available Monday – Friday 10am – 4pm.
You can also use a chat. Click on the button at the bottom right of the website.
If you experience inappropriate behaviour in relation to your person (hate speech of any kind), please contact us
via form on the website or write an e-mail to hateless@cuni.cz.

Students of our faculty can contact the Educational and Psychological Councelling at the Faculty of
Medicine in Hradec Králové.
Phone +420 495 816 426, +420 495 816 427, +420 605 714 948 (MUDr. Lubomír Hadaš, Ph.D.).

You can also find donation tips on the website https://ukrajine.cuni.cz/. Charles University will provide financial
support through the Charles University Endowment Fund. Financial assistance will be primarily aimed at helping
our Ukrainian students, academics and staff.
Events in support of Ukraine are also posted on the website.