Poslední změna: 19.07. 2022

Director of UH Prof. Palička has asked to be released from his post

On Monday 18 July, the Director of the University Hospital Hradec Králové, Professor Vladimír Palička,
asked the Minister of Health, Professor Vlastimil Válek, to release him from his position as Director
of the University Hospital. The Minister accepted his request and asked him to lead the hospital until
the Ministry of Health selects a suitable successor in a tender procedure.

Prof. Vladimír Palička was appointed Director of the University Hospital on 9 August 2016. The hospital employs
more than 5,000 people and has always operated with a balanced budget. In recent years, the hospital has
succeeded, for example, in building an extension for linear accelerators or a new modern building
for the Transfusion Department. The hospital is currently centralising its laboratory facilities and expanding 
the molecular biology department. The hospital is also continuing preparations for the Modernization of Surgical
Disciplines project and for the construction of a new building for the Department of Infectious Diseases.

Source: University Hospital Hradec Králové