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Rector's Sports Day Was a Success

On Wednesday, May 11, 2022, the Rector's Sports Day took place in beautiful sunny weather. The Department of Physical
Education, in cooperation with colleagues from the Faculty of Medicine in Hradec Králové, has prepared a varied sports program.

We thank all the staff and students for participating, together we enjoyed a great sports morning and we look
forward to seeing you in a year!

Read short reports from individual sports and other activities of the Rector's Day.

Golf - XXII. Rector's Golf Tournament

9 golfers took part in the Rector's Golf Tournament. The winner of the women's tournament was prof. RNDr. Jarmila Vinsova, Ph.D.
and among the men prof. RNDr. Petr Solich, CSc., both from the Faculty of Pharmacy.

The traveling cup of the Rector's Golf Tournament was won by the team of the Faculty of Pharmacy consisting of prof.
RNDr. Petr Solich, CSc., Prof. RNDr. Jarmila Vinsova, Ph.D. and prof. Ing. Vladimir Wsol, Ph.D. Congratulations!


Beach volleyball


Sunny weather, great atmosphere and traditional winner. This year, we welcomed 16 players from among students
and staff of the Charles University. As in previous tournaments, the head of neurology, Prof.
MUDr. Martin Vališ, Ph.D.
with his partner won the show.

Only one team managed to win one set over Prof. Vališ's team. There were 20 close matches played and teams were balanced,
thus the exchanges on the field were very exciting.


Running to Chvojno – XXVII. year

Beautiful weather, great mood and great performances, such was this year of already traditional running race to Vysoké
Chvojno, organized by the popular Prof. MUDr. Miroslav Kubou, CSc. from the Faculty of Medicine. Over 50 runners
measured their strength on the 14 km long track from Hradec Králové to Vysoké Chvojno.

The winner was David Řehák from the Faculty of Medicine, Jan Kollár from the Department of Pharmaceutical Chemistry
and Pharmaceutical Analysis finished in 2nd place, and Daniel Barták from the Faculty of Medicine won bronze.
The winner was rewarded with a medal and a cup that will remind him of a great performance.

However, many participants ran only for the joy of completion. Managing the challenging track to the end was a reward itself
and a confirmation that they still have it. Congratulations to all for great performances.




The floorball competition was attended by 12 students, who were divided into two teams of six players. The match was played 3x15 minutes with three players in the field. The atmosphere of the match was exciting and all participants gave in everything.

The match took place in a friendly atmosphere, which did not detract the pace of the game.
The winning team was the one around captain Lucie Rusková. Congratulations to the winners.



The petanque tournament turned into a purely girls' competition. There was no shortage of twists and exciting moments,
and the winners of a balanced duel were decided only after a two-hour fierce fight.
Congratulations to the winners.


Football tennis

A total of 12 athletes took part in the football tennis tournament and each team consisted of 3 players. After very even fights,
the team consisting of Bezouška, Čepová, Matoušek and the team consisting of Vavro, Rusková, Zelinka reached the finals.

After a duel full of twists and turns, a team of employees of the Faculty of Pharmacy consisting of Bezouška, Matoušek
and pharmacy student Michaela Čepová eventually won the tournament.



Four teams competed in Ringo and fought for the victory on Rector's Sports Day. After even fights, the team led by captain
Jiří Demuth, Ph.D. rejoiced in the victory.


Taebo, Bodyform, Zumba

About 40 participants were welcomed by our instructors fomr the Department of Physical Education at a non-traditional
cardio marathon. The morning excercise started with Mgr. Bezoušková´s Taebo class, followed by Bodyform
with Mgr.
Szakošová focused on body shaping and everything was topped off by Mgr. Němec and his dancing Zumba.

For some, this was their first experience with these exercise programs, but many of the regular participants also attended.
Everyone gave in everything with enthusiasm, and although there was no fight for a medal, but to endure a very demanding
exercise, the commitment of everyone was really great.
We thank all employees, especially from the Study Department,
and students for their participation.

We appreciate it and look forward to seeing you in a year! Congratulations to all who endured.



The croquet tournament was exciting until the very end, two pairs fought for the primacy and in a close game students Rozálie Bártová and Ondřej Hejzlar won a victory leaving Veronika Kubečková and Tereza Poděbradská just behind. We thank all for their participation and look forward to the next year!


The best „bábovka´“ competition

We were pleased that at least one participant took part in the competition for the best „bábovka". Jana Šimková, DiS,
from the Department of Pharmacology and Toxicology, brought an excellent cake and off course sje won.

Thank you, we all enjoyed it very much!



Conquering of Mephared

This year's conquering took place on the premises of the Faculty of Pharmacy. Participants had the opportunity to measure
their strengths in non-traditional, mostly teambuilding disciplines.
It is unbelievable that the winners of this year were students
of the Faculty of Science, Charles University in Prague, who had to orient themselves very quickly in the unknown premises
of the faculty. They deciphered the complex hints most quickly, which led them to the well-deserved victory and the title
"Conqueror of Mephared."

Another cross-country team, the Prague team from the Faculty of Mathematics and Physics, Charles University, did not do
badly either, although they did not reach the podium, they fought to the very end.
We believe that both employees and students
enjoyed this event and we will be happy to welcome everyone again next year.


Kinball, Volleyball, Streetball - unfortunately, these sports could not be played for low participation.

Text: Department of Physical Education (KTV)
Photo: KTV archive