Poslední změna: 11.03. 2022

Statement on the conflict of Ukraine

Dear colleagues, dear students,
in recent days we have witnessed shocking events that should not have a place in today's world.

The systematic spread of misinformation, the distortion of reality, unprecedented unilateral political action, the actions of Russia's top officials, particularly V. Putin, and maneuvers that deliberately led to escalating tensions not only in eastern Ukraine but throughout the world. The ongoing local conflict turned into a massive aggression by Russian military forces using all military technology. On the territory of a sovereign and independent state of Ukraine, on the territory of a democratic Europe in the 21st century. This conflict directly and deeply affects us all, attacks basic social and moral values, and destroys the innocent human lives of people who gave no cause for such violence.

Russian aggression deserves resolute condemnation and contempt. We must now be united and our opposition to violent invasion and oppression must resonate strongly. It is necessary to stand together and unequivocally resist this evil and prevent a further deepening of the conflict, which threatens not only Ukraine and its people, but the whole of Europe. We must support Ukraine and its freedom.

Prof. Jiří Manďák, M.D., Ph.D., Dean of Faculty of Medicine in Hradec Kralove

Rectors statement

“As rector, together with the management of Charles University, I strongly condemn any form of aggression, not least the hostilities being conducted by Putin's Russia right now. This is an extremely dangerous move that threatens the lives of people across Europe - including those of fellow colleagues and students. It is a step in the wrong direction, taking the world backwards!


Such aggression shows how important it is to study, to think critically, to value education, to understand history and the complex world today. I call on academics, not only at our university, to strongly support a free and democratic society and to say a clear ‘No!’ to war.”

prof. Milena Králíčková, Rector of Charles University