Poslední změna: 07.06. 2022

Prague ICU

Have you heard about the creation of the new educational platform Prague ICU? No? What a pity!  

This project, which is sponsored by the Department of Cardiology at IKEM Prague (Institute of Clinical
and Experimental Medicine), is focused on diagnostics and therapy in cardiology and intensive care.

The main content consists of educational video manuals describing how to methodologically and correctly
perform selected invasive procedures and examinations in intensive care - such as the introduction
of vascular accesses under ultrasound, pleural puncture or pneumothorax, the introduction of mechanical
cardiac support, lung ultrasound, and many others.

Another part of the Prague ICU is the ECG Academy, an online textbook of electrocardiography containing
more than 80 clinical diagnoses, which are first described in detail and then supplemented with ECG
records with a description. Also included is a newly interactive ECG quiz!

Furthermore, you will find here´the ECHO Academy as well, a textbook of echocardiography, which explains
the basic procedure for performing transthoracic echocardiography, evaluation of ventricular function,
valve defects and individual clinical diagnoses. Everything is complemented by an extensive library of video
loops mand images from the echocardiographic examination with a description, clear tables and a summary
of the therapeutic procedure.

You can find all this and more on the web, FB and twitter!