Pazourkova, Monika
Poslední změna: 04.11. 2019

Elective Study

Information-for-Letter-of-Acceptance.docFor the applicants for summer Elective study at the Charles University Faculty of Medicine / Faculty Hospital.


Please notice, we can accept students 3rd, 4th or 5th year of study, or students PGS.

We can not accept students from final year of study!

Necessary documents

  • Please fill in an application form which you must complete and sent to our Faculty.
  • The recent evidence of Hepatitis B status (i.e. Hep B titre levels or Hep B surface antigen test results) must also be enclosed.
  • A letter from your college stating your student status  must also be enclosed.
    This letter must confirm, that you are student 3rd - 5th year of study (or PHD student) at your University and must bear the official college stamp and signature of your supervisor / Human Resource manager.



Thank you for your interest,

Officer for foreign relations and Erasmus: Monika Pazourkova