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Charles University (founded in 1348) consists of 17 faculties of which five are faculties of medicine. Three of them (1st Faculty of Medicine, 2nd Faculty of Medicine and 3rd Faculty of Medicine) are located in Prague, one is in Hradec Králové and one is in Pilsen (Plzeň).


Faculty of Medicine in Hradec Králové (founded in 1945) is among the top Czech university institutions. It provides the education in General Medicine (6-year study) and Dentistry (5-year study) for the undergraduate medical students. Also the Postgraduate studies in 20 specializations are organized here.


Erasmus is co-finaced from the funds of EU and the Czech Ministry or Education. The program was created with the intention to promote mutual relations and cooperation between universities in Europe.
From 1997 our faculty is involved in this program.

Because the Faculty of Medicine in Hradec Králové organizes study programs in Medicine and Dentistry and Postgraduate Study for foreign students, the official language for incoming Erasmus students is English language.

Curricula of the Czech and the English study programs are entirely parallel and fully comparable with the current international standard. They are accredited by EU.