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Useful Information

Cost of Living

  • Compared to other European countries, the average cost of living in the Czech Republic is quite reasonable. More so in Hradec Králové when contrasted with Prague, for example. Since the Faculty offers very attractive accommodation prices, with the average of 3000 CZK/month, when adding up the expenses for groceries, entertainment, school supplies, travelling, etc., the approximate monthly cost of living amounts to 10000 or 11000 CZK (or even less) / 390 or 420 EUR (4.680 or 5.040 EUR/ academic year).


Doctor for Foreign Students

  • As we at the Faculty are well aware that even prospective doctors need doctors, students can be certain to be provided with necessary quality health care at our pre-agreed doctors, the offices of whom are situated on the premises of the Faculty Hospital (GPMr. Tomáš Brynda, M.D.), in the Faculty building (Psychological ConsultantMr. David Skorunka M.D., Ph.D) or within a walking distance from the hospital (Dentist - Dr. Luisa Kaiserová).
  • To find out more about the doctors' working hours, location, etc., visit the page Doctor for Foreign Students.


Information Technologies - ISIC cards, Network 

We are extremely fortunate to live in a century of information technologies that make studying (and its administration for that matter) much easier. The gateway to such applications as SIS, E-mail, Medical Library network, or even to having access to some Faculty buildings, is to have your CU ID/ISIC Card made. All information about issuing the card, network accounts, etc., visit our webpage Information Technology.


Banks and Currency

  • Exchange of any convertible currency is possible in all the banks in the city centre as well as at many other places (Tesco stores, travel agencies, information centres, etc.). Also, 24-hour currency exchange service may be provided at hotel receptions or ATM's.


  • The official currency of the Czech Republic is Czech crown ("koruna"), abbreviated as , with the international abbreviation CZK.



Local Public Transport

  • Tickets can be purchased at newsagents' (20 CZK) or at the bus/trolley drivers (25 CZK). All passengers have to validate the (non-transferable) ticket immediately on boarding the vehicle.
  • The company managing the local transport (Dopravní podnik města Hradce Králové, a.s.) offers the City Card (an electronic card serving either as a periodical bus pass or as an E-wallet) with discounts for students under 26 years of age. The needed form and information is available at the Student Affairs Department (the Faculty Building, 1st floor, glass door on the right), where you can obtain a confirmation of study needed for discounted prices.


See the following links for Transport Fares and City Card information and application form.



When you have spare time to make a trip and discover the beauty of our region (or if you wish to travel even abroad), we highly recommend using IDOS, one of the search engines of national and international transport timetables. There you can find schedules of trains, buses, planes, and also the public transport of a host of selected cities in the country.


ISU - International Student Union

ISU is the official student union for international students of Faculty of Medicine in Hradec Králové, Charles University. It is a student initiative intending to promote and protect the foreign students' academic, social and cultural interests. They organise lot of leisure time activities. To find out more, visit their website.

ESN - Erasmus Student Network

https://instagram.com/esn_hk?utm_medium=copy_link - Instagram of the student organisation
https://esncard.org/ - what is the ESN card?
https://www.esncz.org/partners - partners of the ESN


All the important places can be found on this SURVIVAL MAP.