Mazanek, Pavel
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Instructions for Outgoing Students

Under this program, our faculty is able to send annually students , who meet the qualification requirements of the Charles University, only to those parther universities, which it has a bilateral agreement.




Applicants can apply in accordance with the selection procedure for the following:

Types of stay

– the mobility for undergraduate and postgraduate students, studying at the foreign faculty for 3 - 12 months. Undergraduate students of our faculty usually stay for 10 months, rarely for 5 months.

– clinical stays for students of the 4th or 6th study year. The student can realize the placement also when participated in the Erasmus Study.

Qualification conditions and information

– the applicant has to fulfill the qualification conditions 
– information for the outgoing students

Financial funds

Selected students are granted a scholarship which is considered to be a "contribution", therefore it doesn't have to cover all the costs of their stay abroad.

The amount of the provided scholarship is in all faculties of the CU determined by the rate per month for a particular country, and lenght of stay according to the rate table.

Allocated funds are provided to our faculty every year from the Czech Ministry of Education. Therefore, the annual intention of universities / faculties is always evaluated and modified for the following academic year prior to 31st December.


  • Financial Agreement
    regulates the use of granted scholarship and the conditions of its payment



Final reports of the Erasmus students from the previous years